Very Stressful Will Cause Thrush

cauthrush Very Stressful Will Cause Thrush

Cause Thrush

Can you imagine how disruption if we hit the mouth thrush . Although it seems trivial , but should not be underestimated . Because thrush can be a sign , there is something wrong in us . Whether physical or psychological . What is there cause !

Stress in general can cause thrush either physical or psychological stress . In a state of physical or psychological stress ( mental ) , our endurance decreases , as well as the durability of the mucous membranes . In fact , the mucous membrane is always protected immunological substances ( immune ) , both cellular ( which already exists in the white blood ) as well as in the liquid . Logically , when we are under stress then decreased immune system .
If the immune system decreases , the durability of the mucous membranes in the mouth was reduced , whereas the mucous membranes of the mouth is what protects us . Because the ” bodyguard ” his leave of absence , then the germ infestation mouth so vulnerable and easily hurt . All that resulted in canker sores .
But apart due to stress , canker sores usually occur because of a lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency is often used as a culprit cause of canker sores . In fact , the reality is not like that , in addition to vitamin C , vitamin B6 deficiency , B1 , and minerals ( zinc , magnesium ) can also cause canker sores .

In most of the weaker sex , canker sores can occur Only when I’m coming months . Usually by the time of menstruation , the body is under stress . Therefore , little things that kind of bitten lips when eaten , can cause canker sores .
Thrush can also arise because of a problem in the stomach . If we had an ulcer and again relapsed , canker sores can arise . Why , in the mucous membrane of the stomach and mouth are on one channel . So , if one problem , others will follow .

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