Troubled with Cellulite ?

cellulite-300x300 Troubled with Cellulite ?


Cellulite is extra fat that is widely grown in the area around the hips and thighs . The appearance of cellulite in the body is actually related to diet Many doctors and nutritionists expressed no relationship between the lack of blood supply to fat cells , which then form a liquid as a trigger for the growth of cellulite because we did not pay much attention to the food consumed .

Cellulite is a disorder that is feared by women . This happens because the fat deposits under the skin that tends to make a woman become confident. Indeed, there are various ways cellulite reduction but not necessarily all of them managed to get rid of cellulite .
* Myths about drinking lots of mineral water will reduce cellulite
drink plenty of water because it will only nourish your skin but not to eliminate cellulite
* Myth says that liposuction can eliminate cellulite .
liposuction because it will worsen the condition of cellulite that will make cellulite more visible .
* The myth that says that cellulite only to women alone .
because men can have cellulite but men rarely dispute about this .
* Myth says that a healthy diet will prevent cellulite .
for regulating portions and types of food is very good but does not prevent the formation of cellulite .

Therefore, to overcome or eliminate cellulite requires great effort and good health strategy . There are several tips that can be done to eliminate cellulite , as below :
1 . Reduce weight
2 . Avoid foods that contain : Sugar , salt , saturated fats , trans fats and caffeine .
3 . Multiply -containing foods : beans and peas , nuts , Oat cereal , Avocado , Banana , Pineapple , Pear , Watermelon , Citrus fruits , asparagus , red onion and garlic , broccoli , low-fat beef , low-fat cheese , fish , eggs , and chicken meat .
4 . Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables every day .
5 . Eating some types of protein sources , at least three times a day .
6 . Eating five or six times a day .
7 . Drink plenty of caffeine -free beverages .
8 . Consumed nutrient balance
9 . Sport , one that can be done with a kiss knee
10 . Regular body care
so , it is not difficult to overcome and eliminate cellulite . Hopefully the tips and tricks above brief could be one step that is quite telling . Good luck ! ! !

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