Tips on Eliminating Acne Scars

acne-scars-300x199 Tips on Eliminating Acne Scars

acne scars

Acne often become disruptive and could be made ??if we’re not confident .

And sometimes , even though we ‘ve tried to clean the face or if the acne is already terlanjut appeared and treated , but sometimes acne scars can still be seen .
Well following the tips of removing acne scars in a natural way .

1 . Take a few sticks of cinnamon bark . Mash until smooth ( be
powder ) , mix with water and then brush on the spot acne scars . Do it for 1 week .

2 Out. Cinnamon bark powder . Mix with honey . Attach the two ingredients in acne scars and leave it to dry . These tips are better done when going to bed in order to maximize the process .

3 . Take 10 young betel leaves . Wash up and then mashed up
smooth . Before using the crushed betel leaf , the face should first be cleaned with lukewarm water . Lali Betel apply on the face especially on acne scars . Hold on or let stand about 30 minutes or until the betel leaf dries . Then wash the face and wipe with a dry cloth . Do it 3 times a week .

4 . Take the cassava or manioc stems that have been peeled .
Clean the grate and take water . Use the juice of the potato in
acne scars . Do it every day for 1 week .

5 . Use banana peels klutuk ( stone ) that has been cooked and stale tea water .
Before bathing a banana peel rub it on the face and let stand about 10 minutes . Then rinse with water and then the new stale tea deh bath .

6 . Use old betel nut . Betel nut puree and then mixed with rose water . Apply on the spot acne scars . Let stand about 10 minutes and then cleared . Do it before bath .
Good luck ! !

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