Reasons on Failures of Lose Weight

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Lose Weight

Maybe it is better if we know roughly what is the cause .

Most people are generally more concerned with quantity than quality exercise

If you include people who like going to the gym , a time to look at the people who practice there . Most of them just do the exercises with ease , such as exercise treadmill while reading a book , without focusing on the exercise performed .
Ask yourself , ” what you want to accomplish from this exercise ? ”
If you want to get results commensurate , then do it with a serious exercise as much as possible but you enjoy the exercise .
So before starting exercise , specify the objectives to be achieved .

Assess the exercise performed too high

The thought that one of the most people who said if the exercise at a pace that was then they ‘ve burned a lot of calories and fat .
It’s true that exercise burns calories and fat , but the sport remains to be done consistently if you want to lose weight and keep it stable .

Assessing too low on the food eaten

Yet despite regular exercise and consistent weight loss may not necessarily fall if not balanced with a healthy way of eating and food .
If you want to lose weight , start to be honest with yourself about what you eat . Write if necessary . Keep track of what you eat and write through a diary can help destroy the circle of denial of food .

Perform a wide / wrong model

If you want to get good results , you should do with people who are already professionals . What is done in the exercise directly determines the results to be achieved . So work with a professional trainer to prepare / make the kinds of exercises that are suitable for your needs .

Lose-Weight Reasons on Failures of Lose Weight

lose weight fails

Never change the sort / form of exercise

Usually people think if you do the same kind of exercise then the result will be good .
O. . Oo wait . If the purpose of exercising to lose weight , increase strength or progress physical shape then do not even think of using the same form of exercise because you will not get the results or see the changes .
Wherever possible modify the exercises that have been conducted every few weeks or a few months .
You can change the kinds of exercises are done , time ( duration ) of exercise , the amount of weight lifting or amount of weight lifted , for example .

Using the wrong technique or method

Learn the correct way to exercise is essential to get the result .
One form or technique that can result in injury , illness and other injuries .
And yet again , to find out the correct technique should practice with professional trainers .

Create / Develop plans that make no sense

If crave, desire to have such athletic body like David Beckham , are you only have 30 minutes a day to practice or want to lose weight about 11 pounds in a month , then you should forget about the plan .
Be honest with your abilities , level of commitment and your lifestyle .
Establish a plan or goal worth where you can see the results that you achieve progress if only bit by bit than will actually make frustrated and eventually quit exercising .

Measuring Result Wrong . People usually tend to see ( tool ) scales to make sure they lose weight or not

Instead , a better way to gauge your training progress is to count / track the heart rate at a predetermined speed , which can measure the distance you went in several specific time , trace amount of load that can be lifted or even write how you feel it – physically – in the end day every day .
Many of the benefits of exercise or sport is not visible and not easily seen with the eye . But things such as cholesterol levels , blood pressure and ease of doing homework everyday will be like a motivation – if you monitor them .

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