Prevent Bloated Tummy With SoyFoods

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Prevent Distended Tummy with Soy

Appearance is one of the most important things for most people especially women. The sleek and beautiful body has always been a desire of each of the Eve , so they look perfect .  Prevent bloated tummy becomes very important for them. However, problems usually arise when women began entering the menopause periods or cessation of the menstrual period .

A woman usually begin to experience problems related to the physical and psychological changes that occur in the body . Which leads to accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body , especially around the waist.

Most soy protein is a relatively heat-stable storage protein. This heat stability enablessoy food products requiring high temperature cooking, such as tofu



Food Calories Protein
Saturated Fat
1/2 cup, cooked
149 14.3 8.5 7.7 1.1
Tempeh 1/2 cup 165 15.7 14.1 6.4 1.1
Soy Protein
1/2 cup, cooked
59 11 7 0.2 fat-free
Soynuts 1/4 cup 202 15 14.5 10.0 1.6
Tofu 1/2 cup 94 10 2.3 5.9 0.9
Soy flour,
defatted 1/4 cup
81.7 12.8 8.4 0.3 .02
plain 1 cup
79 6.6 4.3 4.6 0.5


Food Niacin
Folic Acid
1/2 cup, cooked
1.35 .20 47 88 4.42 74 .35 .99
Tempeh 1/2 cup 3.8 .25 43 77 1.9 58 .55 1.5
Textured Soy
1/2 cup, cooked
.75 .12 85 2 86 .32 1.37
Soynuts 1/4 cup 0.6 .09 91 59 1.65 63 .35 1.35
Tofu 1/2 cup 0.2 .06 19 130* 127 .24 1.00
defatted 1/4 cup
0.65 .14 76 60 2.3 72 1 .61
plain 1 cup
1.4 .10 4 93 1.38 45 .288 .54
Miso 2 Tbsp. 0.3 10.1 23 .95 14.5 .15 1
Adult Recommended
Daily Allowance
15 1.6-2.0 180-200 800 10-15 280-350 1.5-3.0 12-15

Source: USDA

Prevent Bloated Tummy With Soy

The problem with the heap of fat certainly can not go unpunished . Now there is a new hope to overcome the problem. One of them by eating soy on a regular basis . The study, conducted by researchers of the 18 post- menopausal women found that those who drink of soy every day for three months , tend to have a more slender abdomen compared with their peers who drink milk . Soy contains compounds of isoflavones which based on proven research has structure similar to estrogen and attach to estrogen receptors of cells in a layer of fat .

So , in theory , isoflavones from soy may help regulate fat’s metabolism in the body. There is a findings that show soy protein may affect the distribution of fat in the abdomen according to the research lead by Dr. Cynthia K Sites of the University of Alabama at Birmingham . Their report was published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility . Conclusions are drawn through a study involving 18 women aged 50 years who had experienced menopause between one and five years . Half of them were given a soy beverage every day while the other half were given milk containing a protein – casein.

Every women were told to drink half a pint at breakfast and half at dinner . Drinks it becomes a substitute for other foods to prevent weight gain . Three months later, the researchers found that women who drink soy has a circumference of abdominal fat is more slender than their counterparts who drank milk , although both groups showed similar changes in weight and overall body fat . Unclear why soy protein may affect abdominal fat in particular , but whatever the mechanism, the existing data indicate that soy protein containing isoflavones may prevent the accumulation of fat in the abdomen .

The researchers emphasize that prevents accumulation of fat in middle age is important because excess abdominal fat is associated with higher risks of diabetes and heart disease . They also hope there will be further research to uncover the potential of the protein in soybean . So, prevent bloated tummy with foods made from soy is not  only an issue.

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