Nosebleed Causes and Solutions

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nosebleed causes

Nosebleed in medical terms is called as a state of epistaxis is bleeding from the nose, out through the nostrils . Nose bleeding occurs due to the release of the mucosal lining of the nose contains many small blood vessels . Nosebleed causes can occur due to several factors . Traffic accidents , hit , picking your nose too hard , resulting in injury to the nasal mucosa , the presence of a foreign body ( usually in children ) , nasal tumors , hypertension , dengue hemorrhagic fever , blood disorders ( hemophilia , purpura trombositipenic autoimuin ) , leukemia . The use of certain drugs can also cause nosebleeds .

An easy way to stop nosebleeds are relatively mild . If you have nosebleeds , patients are encouraged to sit with the position of the body and head rather straightforward . Use your thumb and index finger to press and hold my nose . Cultivated when it opened mouth to breathe . Lalukan for 1-3 minutes . Not advisable to lay the patient in order to prevent the flow of blood into the esophagus and stomach .

If the above methods do not work, pack the nose with ice . Wrap the ice with a clean cloth / handkerchief and paste between forehead and nose . If there is no ice , cold object / frozen as frozen food or drink could be another alternative . If the bleeding out a lot and is difficult to stop should be brought to the doctor .

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