More Fiber Foods, More Health

fiberfoods-300x199 More Fiber Foods, More Health

fiber foods

Fiber foods is very essential for your body. Dietary fiber is needed by the body to simplify disposal of the dirt . Besides dietary fiber acts to prevent diseases such as colon cancer , coronary heart disease , constipation , lower cholesterol , regulate blood sugar levels , and high blood pressure .

Even nutritionists and food technology suggests that we expand fiber foods because it is an important element in the preparation of the diet in order to build optimal health . But about 30 years ago , dietary fiber is considered not important for our body and considered lowering the quality of the food . The view is one of the ancient people is they assume high fiber foods will reduce the nutritional value because fiber does not contain energy .

More Fiber Foods, More Health

In today’s world , not everyone has plenty of time to prepare or consume foods also contain fiber so provided high fiber food supplement market . Unfortunately , it just is instant fiber helps fiber intake is needed by the body . To get a natural dietary fiber turns easily . Foods containing fiber turns found in plant foods , fresh ingredients and unprocessed , such as fruit ( grapes , bananas , apples , oranges and carrots ) , vegetables , grains ( rice , wheat ) and nuts .

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