Hiccup Cures and Causes

hiccup Hiccup Cures and Causes

hiccup cures and causes

Hiccup ( latin : singultus ) is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm fortuitous ( bulkhead / body cavity between the chest and the abdomen ) , which is caused by a sudden closed glottis . Because of the way then so clogged breathing suddenly causing noise ‘ hic ‘ . Some of the causes that may lead to keseduan / hiccups are eating too much or too fast , laughing or coughing too hard , drink cold water immediately after eating a hot – hot , excess alcohol , was excited / very happy or nervous .

Why Hiccup Causes

According to the American Cancer Society , 30 % of chemotherapy patients suffer from hiccups as a side effect of treatment . Although hiccups are generally short-lived , but there are also long-lasting hiccups . If this can occur due to interference with the direct stimulation of the stomach , intestines or diaphragm . It could also be due to interference with the nervous system due to the stimulation of the nerves to the diaphragm eg ensefakitis inflammation . Kidney disease can also cause hiccups .

Hiccups, or hiccoughs, are involuntary sounds made by spasms of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a large sheet of muscle slung beneath the lungs that, together with the intercostal muscles, causes us to breathe. The muscular spasm of these muscles sucks air into the lungs, and the quick inhalation makes a structure inside the throat (called the epiglottis) slam shut.

Hiccup Cures

Hiccups can actually stop itself after a few minutes . But sometimes we want to immediately eliminate sound ‘ hic ‘ annoying .

Do you want to know some hiccup cure? Here some tips that may be used to eliminate hiccups  :

1 . Holding the breath as long as possible while counting numbers up to 10 .

2 . Drink lots of water slowly .

3 . Taking a breath and exhale loudly 10 times in a paper bag .

4 . Gargling with water . Add a little salt if you like .

5 . Sneezing . If you can not sneeze , find another pepper or powder that makes it possible to sneeze .

6 . Wear ice cubes . Put ice cubes above the diaphragm ( below the rib / ribs )

7 . Pull the tongue with a vengeance .

8 . Rubbing navel / center .

We will provide another hiccup cures in other article.

Is it dangerous? No, cause you already have the hiccup cures now

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