Heart Diseases

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Heart Diseases

Heart disease . Actually what is it ? Heart disease is a disease of the blood vessels which interfere with the system , in this case is the heart and veins .

When people hear ” he was in contact with heart disease ” , usually most people would think that the heart disease or heart pain . But actually , the types of heart disease itself varies , such as coronary heart disease , high blood pressure , heart attack , stroke , chest pain ( changeable ) and rheumatic heart disease .

Coronary Heart Disease

Generally, the people who have the most heart disease coronary heart disease .
The disease attacks the blood vessels and can cause heart attack caused by clogged arteries that impede the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the heart .

Stroke caused by lack of blood flow to the brain . Or possibly because bleeding tampered .

However, the blood vessels are not the only ones that can cause people stricken with a heart defect .
Below adalh some disturbance that could occur in the heart :

Heart Failure
Heart Failure Heart failure or heart disease is the most frightening . Usually the patient heart beating abnormally or not beating properly .

Is an inflammatory disease of the lining around the heart are generally caused by an infection . But this rare disorder .

Abnormal heart rhythm
Normal heart beats 60-100 times per minute . ( about 100 thousand / day ) . Abnormal heart beat called arryhytmia or dysrhythmia .
Beating heart slow (below 60 beats / minute ) is called bradyarrhythmias were fast ( beats over 100 beats / min ) is called tachyarrhytmias .

Heart Valve Disease
Dangguan heart disease is due to damage to the heart valves . The heart valve functions as a regulator of blood flow to the heart that goes in the same direction .

Disorders that subjugate the heart muscle itself that is the diminution of cardiac enlargement or abnormal or even become stiff .
As a result the heart can become weakened or abnormal heart pumping .
Without further treatment can also result in heart failure or abnormal heart can beat .

Congenitas Heart Disease
This disorder usually occurs in young children and is also called heart defects .
According to the study , 8-10 of 1,000 children birth may develop this disorder . The initial symptoms are usually detected at birth or in childhood .

Heart disease itself usually occurs due to lifestyle , diet , and daily activities are undertaken offender who does not pay attention to health .

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