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hair Loss Solutions

Do not be afraid .. Commonly used human hair to lose about 50 to 100 strands every day , and begin to experience hair loss at the age of early 30′s and it was reasonable .
Sure, hair loss is an early sign of baldness , but to determine whether or not the hair will thin it is difficult to say .
To find it , there is one easy way attempted. Hold the lock of hair , about 15-20 strands of hair between the index finger and thumb . Then pull slowly and powerful . If there are more than 6 strands plucked , meaning there may be a problem .

But anyway , how the hell can grow hair ?

Stem / stalk hair is the hair that we can see and each hair follicle stem protruding from a small pouch shaped like a tube and beneath the surface of the skin . Attached to the base of hair follicle by hair follicles where the hair actually grows and where the roots of the hair is nourished by blood vessels .

And like other body parts , hair is also made ??of cells . Once the new cells are formed in the hair roots will slowly but surely pushed away from the hair follicle . The cells at the base of each hair are close to the blood supply and life . But increasingly these cells pushed away from the base of the hair follicle , so they no longer get nutrition / food so they die .
When the cells die , they turn into a hard protein called keratin . So we see every hair on the skin is dead protein .
So the actual bag rambutlah become an important part of the hair growth .

Stages of hair growth .
Hair growth is not a process that is not no stopping . Hair growth has several stages .

Growth Stage . Hair grows about 1 cm every month and this phase last up to approximately between 2-5 years .
Rest stage . This stage is the stage where the hair does not grow . This stage lasts for 5 months and is called telogen .
At the end of the resting phase , the hair removed ( loss ) and hair follicles start growing new hair .
Soon , about 90 % of the scalp hair follicles to grow hair in Tapah beginning ; only about 10 % are in the resting phase .
If a hair follicle is damaged either due to any reason such as a burning or skin disease , then no new hair will grow there .

So what is it that makes baldness ?

Hair that impeachment is very much only happen if one of the phases of hair growth is interrupted . Take for example , if the hair follicle is closed ( in the sense of the pockets remain in the resting phase and make the hair fall out ) then instead of growing new hair instead of hair on the head will decrease .
In addition to the above reasons , the use of drugs , particularly anti- cancer drugs can also lead to baldness .

Below there are some things that do not do as much as possible if you do not want hair bald .

Some hairstyles, like the ponytail too tight bond , one or two braids and style corn – rows ( such as braids smaller and faster along the line formed as the head ) .
The use of hair with tight rolls ( especially the hair roller heating device )
Drying and memblow hair with a hair dryer / hair dryer .
Combing the hair with a comb heater .
Avoid stress .

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