Good Tips on Lowering Cholesterol

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Good Tips on Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol is taken from the Greek , which chole = bile and Stereos = solid .
Cholesterol is a molecule ( or something like it fat molecules ) that are found in cells called steroids where he took part in the formation of membranes in the brain tissues and nerve cells and is the basic ingredient for the biosynthesis of the other sex hormones , adrenal fiber , vitamin D and garagaram bile .

The level of cholesterol in the blood does not depend on age . And recommended cholesterol levels in everyday foods do not exceed 250 grams .
So what should be done to prevent cholesterol increases huh ?
Exercise .
Since cholesterol is difficult to be removed and cholesterol itself is not accumulating , then you should do regular exercise for at least 20 minutes every day .

Avoid or reduce foods or drinks oily and fatty foods , such as organ meats , crab , clams , shrimp , meat , milk , nuts , sugar and chocolate .

Then what kind of food so that could degrade or which do not contain cholesterol ?

The fish is believed to be rich in unsaturated fatty acids ( omega 3 ) which useful to reduce levels in the blood and also prevents the buildup of keeping the seams blood in case it causes a blockage in the blood vessels .

Rich source of omega – 3 found in herring , mackerel , albacore tuna , sardines and salmon . And you should if you want to eat , fish grilled or baked in the oven .

The fish itself is divided into two types: freshwater fish and saltwater fish freshwater fish which contains a lot of carbohydrates and proteins were sea fish are rich in vitamins , minerals and unsaturated fats .

Porridge oats / oatmeal
Oatmeal contains soluble fiber (soluble fiber ) can lower the bad cholesterol ie LDL ( low-density lipoprotein ) .
Dipecaya soluble fiber can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the digestive tract .
Eating more soluble fiber 10 grams per day can lower total and LDL cholesterol levels .

Walnuts , almonds
Various studies show that walnuts can significantly reduce blood cholesterol because they contain a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids ( polyunsaturated fatty acids ) that can keep blood vessels healthy and elastic .
Medium almonds are also useful as a decrease in cholesterol could be felt approximately 4 weeks after taking it .

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