Free Calorie Burners Activities

dancing-activity Free Calorie Burners Activities

Free Calorie Burners Activities

There are many Free Calorie Burners Activities you can do today. Not only free but fun as well. Some of them are as follow

1 . Walking with pets

animal-aid Free Calorie Burners Activities

Walking with pets

For the animal lover usually they did not hesitate to invite their pets , such as dogs for a walk in the park or around the house .
It turns out the dog around or walk around for 30 minutes can help burn calories in our bodies as much as 125 calories or the equivalent of a bag of potato chips or chocolate biscuits .

2 . Doing / Have Sex

get-what-you-want-in-bed-01-sess431 Free Calorie Burners Activities

By doing mild sexual activity for half an hour will burn calories in the body about 60 calories .

3 . Dance / Dancing

For those who like to dance Boogie , by doing that dance for half an hour will help burn calories by 186 .
The amount is the same as if doing exercises using a ‘ step – mechine ‘ in the gym for 30 minutes . However, this activity would not be useful if at the same time we are drinking alcoholic beverages / hard .

4 . Doing Homework

It turns out that doing homework can also burn calories in our body . Just do a simple job like sweeping , mopping or cooking .
If doing the job for 30 minutes , then 110 calories in the body will be lost . It would be better if cleaning the house with a vacuum cleaner or cleaning machine then wasted calories would be so much more , which is 150 calories .

5 . Playing with Children

babywithdad1 Free Calorie Burners Activities

playing with children

As much as possible to spend some time playing with the kids . In addition to tighten the love with the baby turns out to play and spend time with them at least for 30 minutes burns 150 calories means of the body .
So two advantages can be achieved at the same time .

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