Farting as Diseases Indication

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farting diseases

Fart or flatulence is a normal thing where the fart is gas discharge process is not required by the body .

According to the study , the volume of normal human fart produced varied  milli liter between 400 to 1600 per day . Frequencies are still being considered normally about 14 times a day .

There are several things that could be the cause of the frequent fart :

1 . Eating in a hurry ( plus without chewing ) can cause people fart .

2 . Alcoholic beverages such as soft dring , beer and the like .

3 . Ride airplanes . Being in a low air -pressure environment makes
terperangkat gas pushed out of the body so as to make people so
tend to want to fart .

3 . Lactose . Often fart can also be caused due to stomach is too sensitive
to lactose , which is commonly found in milk .

4 . Vegetables kinds of corn , peppers , cabbage and cauliflower can cause people fart often .

5 . Medical disorders :
Fart can often be a sign of a medical disorder in the
gastrointestinal , part of the intestine and stomach – to know
should consult experts / doctors .

( Various sources )

Patients with cancer, especially cancer of the stomach and colon can usually induces gas or fart continuous .

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