Easy Ways to Overcome and cracked Calluses On Feet

cracked-on-feet-300x225 Easy Ways to Overcome and cracked Calluses On Feet

cracked on feet

Cracks in the feet makes your legs look less than perfect. Likewise, if there is thickening of the skin in certain parts on our feet, or so-called calluses, also will make your feet no longer beautiful.

Although located in the lower part of the body and is often covered by shoes or sandals, but our feet are also eligible to be given extra care and attention as any other body part. Because we have been carrying out their duties feet sustain our bodies throughout the day.

Cracked skin usually occurs because of extra dry skin. It is influenced by several factors, such as skin type, dehydrated, dry or cold temperatures, or chemicals such as detergents, floor cleaners, and others. Because it’s good we use footwear.

While calluses usually occur due to the use of high heels, which is not the correct way of walking, and the obesity factor.

Some tips to overcome and cracked calluses on the feet you can try the following.

1. Soak feet in warm water mixed with shredded products containing thyme oil leg. This mixture is useful to soften and smooth rough skin and calluses foot.
2. Subtract source of friction and pressure on the foot so as to reduce the risk of foot calluses.
3. Do not cut the thickened skin because it will cause an infection.
4. Use shoes that are comfortable and fit size. Avoid shoes that are narrow, pointed-toe, high-heeled or. Use of pointy toed shoes that will only lead to and aggravate calluses.
5. Before bed, soak feet in warm water fed several spoons of baking soda. Finished soaking lemon peel paste on the inside part of the calluses and paste with plaster (bandage). The essential oils in orange peel will soften calluses gently throughout the night. The next morning lemon peel open the attached overnight and scrub the dead skin with a pumice stone.
6. Rub a pumice stone in the troubled area of ​​the foot, to remove hardened skin could use a scrub or smooth.
7. Spread cream moisturizer every day, especially every night before bed to soften the feet. Choose a cream that contains salicylic acid which helps the healing process faster.
8. Rub olive oil is rich in vitamin E as a good moisturizer to alleviate dry skin legs.

Easy Ways to Beautify Feet

1. Pamper feet with a pedicure.
Do not forget to ask the therapist to polish your feet nail polish on toenails. Your legs will look beautiful and well maintained.
2. Avoid sitting for too long.
Sitting for too long will make your feet swell.
3. Restrict salt intake.
It also will make your feet swell.
4. Restrict the use of stilettos.
Indeed, you look so sexy and attractive when wearing heels, but it should not be too long to wear it. These shoes are okay if worn to a party, but less comfortable when worn to the office.
5. Rub olive oil.
Select the types of extra virgin olive oil. This type of olive is a good source of vitamin E and able to cope so moisturizer dry heels and feet.
6. Add milk or essential oils.
Apply a drop of your favorite essential oil to the water immersion foot. You relax, feet was so beautiful. You can also pamper feet with milk because milk bath to soften and moisturize the feet.
7. Try reflexology foot.
This massage is relaxing. Bids are now easily found reflexology.

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