Do’s and Don’ts of Dry Lips

dry-lips Do s and Don ts of Dry Lips

Dry lips

Lips can be said to be one of the most striking elements of the face , especially women . So that the moisture content of the lips less dry alias does often make the owner feel completely wrong . Polished face was still not look pretty and fresh . Especially if the lips are dry and peeling it tends to break down , more and make faces so not fresh .

Therefore, the lips are important things that must be considered , because bibirlah beauty and elegance that can be seen directly . To keep lips still look sexy , beautiful , fresh and healthy of course it turns out there are practical tips that should be done .

DO ‘S :

1 . Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables , particularly those containing high doses of vitamin C . You can also consume vitamin C in tablet form .

2 . Choose a lipstick that matches the type of lips

3 . Protect your lips from the sun . Lips as well as our skin also needs protection from the sun . Apply lip lipbalm also contains sunscreen in order to avoid dry lips and chapped .

4 . Before bed , clean the lip of the lipstick is still attached .

5 . Rub olive oil on the lip , lip vitamins , or baby oil before wearing lipstick , so it does not dry and peeling lips when you’re in the temperature is too hot or cold .

6 . Drinking water at least 2 liters ( 8 cups ) per day .



1 . Should not wet your lips with saliva

2 . Avoid the use lipbalm that has flavor . This lipbalm type tends to make us want to lick your lips or wetting

3 . Do not let a mask or peeling on lip products when you use it . These products can make lips dry or irritated

4 . Not too often wear lipstick of matte ( dry without gloss ) .

If the tips above brief we do , then our lips were dry and peeling can be resolved . And if you have a fresh lips get , further treatment is to exfoliate lips every week . It ‘s important to always get fresh skin and lips are not dry .

How to get a perfect exfoliation , oleskanlah toothpaste evenly but thinly on the surface of the lips . Allow a few moments , and then take a toothbrush with bristles of the most delicate and tender , usually toothbrushes for children and rotate gently , brush your lips . After that , you can apply lip balm to get young skin and lips with a fresh and moist .

Well , if we follow the above tips , lips must be young, fresh and always moist and wet will always be ours

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