Dangers of Snoring

dangers-of-snoring-300x200 Dangers of Snoring

dangers of snoring

Snoring for most people who sleep next to the snorer is very disturbing .

But apparently in addition to disturbing , even dangerous snoring could actually know memicul dangerous disease .

As reported from Suarapembaruan and other sources , snoring or snoring occurs due to narrowing in the airways , and can lead to symptoms of a disease called OSA ( obstructive sleep apnea ), which is a blockage in the airway during sleep .

OSA sufferers will experience periods of stopped breathing , and at that moment he was deprived of oxygen which occurs over and over again – where a lack of oxygen that causes chronic stress on the heart and accelerate its work, as well as to the brain and other organs .

A person can be said to be experiencing mild OSA if he stops breathing
as much as 5-30 times in an hour , whereas if it is more than 30 times already
considered severe OSA .

People who suffer from OSA be at risk are those who suffer from diabetes , obesity ( which experienced a buildup of fat in the throat ) , or also those children who suffer from tonsil , and generally men because men generally have smaller airways than women ( although women also exist snoring ) .

The danger for people with OSA snore , among others :
- Patients with OSA may have cancer .
- Patients with OSA can be affected by heart disease
- Patients with OSA can be affected by stroke
- Patients with OSA could be affected by the disease of hypertension
- Patients with OSA can be affected by diabetes
Snoring can be reduced , among others, by :
do not push too hard to work .
Clean the respiratory tract , especially the nasal cavity before bed .
Sleep on his side
Put your head higher than the body , can be propped up with pillows or hand to smooth the way in which the use of the breath .
Reduce cigarette
Reduce consumption of alcohol
Diet to reduce excess weight
Avoid fatty foods before bed .

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