Collards Can Prevent Colon Cancer

collards-300x300 Collards Can Prevent Colon Cancer

collards can prevent colon cancer

Mustard greens and chicory widely available in many countries and the price is affordable .

Mustard vegetables contain many vitamins like vitamin C , E , K and fiber
mustard vegetable food so many benefits for our bodies , such as cholesterol and prevent heart disease , osteoporosis , helps blood clotting , prevent anemia in pregnant women lowers blood sugar , preventing diabetes mellitus and even prevent the occurrence of cancer such as colon cancer or large bowel cancer .

Colon Cancer itself reportedly as the 2nd highest cancer deadly , have properties can grow very quickly , even entrenched and damaging to the surrounding tissue , can spread far through the lymph nodes, or blood vessels to distant organs such as the liver , lungs and can ultimately lead to death if not treated properly .

Unclear causes of colon cancer , but for those rare and almost do not ever consume fruit and vegetables or they are low in calcium , folate and fiber , and often drinking alcohol and smoking can often run the risk of colorectal cancer , colon and rectal cancer which – are still in touch with our bodies digestive system .

Cancer of the colon may occur to those who have a history of ovarian cancer , uterine cancer , breast cancer and who had suffered from similar diseases .

Generally does colon cancer or large bowel is happening over the age of 50 years but about 3 percent can override those aged under 40 years .

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