Blackheads Removal Tips

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Blackheads Removal Tips

Blackheads are pores Dirt stopper form is small , black or white . With blackheads , smooth face look dirty and dull . Black spots around the nose or cheek is very disturbing appearance . If you do not already know , it is one type of acne .

Blackheads result from the accumulation of excess oil ( sebum) and dead skin cells . When cleaning your face , blackheads often overlooked . Blackheads are formed due to blockage of the oil or make-up that is trapped under the skin . It also blackheads skin problems most often experienced by everyone . Although no cause swelling and other skin irritations such as pimples , blackheads still reduce facial beauty if present in large quantities . Eliminating blackheads can not be done by squeezing . Because of the squeeze, it will stimulate a festering pimple blackheads . Another effect is that it can cause infection and worsen the condition of the face .

Blackheads itself there are two types , among others :

1 . Blackhead ( open comedones ) , looks like enlarged pores and blackened . Blackheads is blackish in color due to oxidation by air .
2 . Whitehead ( closed comedones ) , was behind the cuticle layer of the clogged dirt and grease , looks like a small lump under the skin .

Here are some tips to deal with blackheads

- Know your Skin Type
Typically , blackheads easily appear on oily skin . By identifying the skin type , you can more easily choose the appropriate facial cleanser product , so the face will be clean of oil . The face will be completely clean , fresh , and chewy . Such conditions will make the blackheads will not appear . Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type . For normal to oily skin , use oil free moisturizer .

- Choose the Right Cleanser
Proper cleaning can make the skin really clean , fresh , and chewy . Give tolerance a month to test the effectiveness of the cleaners you use .

- Avoid Comedogenic Products
Another product that can cause blackheads are cleansing milk , sunscreen , foundation , pressed powder , made ??from ginseng shampoo and conditioner . Keep in mind , pressed powder is a product that contains the highest comedogenic substances . The use of solid powder too long , not just blackheads , but also can cause acne .
- Healthy Living and Nutrition Fair
Get enough sleep and rest, avoid stress . At the time of declining body condition , germs easily enter the body . And eat nutritious food . Do not forget to membantasi consumption of chocolate , nuts , eggs , cheese , avocado , durian , all types of milk , fried foods , coconut milk , fat , shellfish , other foods that have excess fat .

- Use potato
The trick , grate a potato , then paste on the face such as using a mask , after 20 minutes wash with warm water , and rinse with cold water . If we are working diligently , every day , within a week of results are already evident .

- Use Egg Whites
Take a little egg white , place in a container , shake until frothy . Apply on the face around the nose or blackheads . Cover with paper towel. Allow to dry completely . Remove the paper towels slowly . In the tissue sections , it would seem spots blackheads are lifted .
- Scrub Mask Vegetables and Beans
• Blender kailan leaf , a piece of celery , ¼ apple , mixed with lemon juice . Apply and gently massage the face with a vegetable scrub , then rinse .
• Steam face with hot water that has been given 1 tablespoon of salt . Allow 10 minutes . Salt water steam will open the pores , capillaries widen blood vessels under the skin and smoothen the skin to the blood peredarah .
• Mix juice and soy beans, used as a mask , let stand 30 minutes , rinse .

- Facial
Facial be one way to eliminate blackheads completely and precisely . Perform regular facials and after the menstrual period . This is to avoid the hormones and glands sebasia changes during menstruation , which produces oil more active .

- To the Dermatologist
If you can not wait and want to get away , go to a dermatologist . Usually , the doctor will recommend for facials and give certain medications . If komedonya very much , the doctor will use the help of laser technology .

Well … if you want to have a clean face remains smooth and a perfect

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