Beware of Early Stroke Symptoms

strokes-300x234 Beware of Early Stroke Symptoms

stroke symptoms

You may often hear about the stroke, but may not understand why people can be affected by a stroke?
Stroke is a condition that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the brain is suddenly interrupted. In brain tissue, the lack of blood flow causes a series of biochemical reactions, which can damage or kill nerve cells in the brain. Death of brain tissue can lead to loss of function that is controlled by the network.

According to the recognition of this disease is almost like a mild stroke symptoms health problems commonly.  And from a survey conducted to 71 thousand respondents in the United States, it is a symptom of stroke chest pain most often they experienced.

Early Stroke Symptoms

Therefore, before it’s too late should beware of this one disease. Know the common symptoms of a stroke prior to the start of stroke symptoms trigger a larger and endanger your soul.
Here are common symptoms of stroke:

1. Fatigue suddenly, or numbness, paralysis or sudden weakness in the face, arm or leg, especially if only one side of the body.

2. Walking or balance disorders. (Loss of balance, or difficulty when it will run).

3. Changes in vision suddenly (eyes suddenly problematic either only one or both eyes.)

4. Disorders of speech or trouble speaking and understanding disorders of simple sentences, or feeling confused.

5. Chronic Headaches sudden headache that is different from the previous.
Of note, not everyone has the same symptoms even varies, depending on the cause, such as blood coagulation, blood clots or bleeding. In addition the location of the blockage or bleeding and extensive brain damage affect symptoms of a stroke.

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