Benefits of Garlic

garlic-300x300 Benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Garlic

Garlic or Allium sativum in Latin have health benefits since the 19th century . A German scientist , PW Semmler , when it was trying to find answers about the smell coming from the garlic and it turns out he knew that the smell was due to diallyl disulfide , the active substances contained in garlic .

In addition to diallyl disulfide , alisin also obtained from garlic . The active substance is an active substance and a major producer of strong odors . To this substance is as antibiotics .¬†Alisin also considered able to arouse sexual desire .¬†Garlic also contains germanium useful to help improve the body’s resistance to disease , but it can also increase the stamina .
Moreover , germanium can fight a stubborn flu .

For the woman who are elderly , consuming garlic regularly can help reduce by 50 % the risk of cancer , especially cancers of the stomach and colon .

Usefulness of garlic else is helping the treatment of tuberculosis , relieves constipation , controls the symptoms of diabetes , body slimming , relieve rheumatism , also reduce sleep disturbances at menopause .
But garlic can also make people uncomfortable . If garlic is consumed raw , cooked or eaten directly without , then the lips , throat and throat can become hot . And for those who have a vulnerability in the stomach , garlic can interfere with digestion and cause heartburn .

So you should not eat raw garlic if you have a fragile stomach , yes

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