Benefits of Black Tea

black-tea-for-hair-treatment Benefits of Black Tea

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Coronary heart disease is even ranked number one cause of death in Indonesia .

Indonesia currently ranks fourth highest country who have diabetes . And generally the sufferer no longer persons aged 50 years and over , but at the age of 24-45 years .

One possible cause is the accumulation of free radicals or oxidants that destroy tissue and inDNA system in this condition tubusehingga stimulate accelerated aging process , destruction of the liver and cause diseases such as heart disease and cancer .

So what can reduce or prevent diseases like that ?

According to health experts and nutrition , one of the things that can be done is to consume natural remedies such as black tea ( black tea) .

The tea itself is divided into three types according to the treatment process , namely black tea ( fermented or oksimatis ( = oxidation ensimatis ) ) , oolong tea and green tea .

Benefits of Black Tea

The composition of black tea can lower the risk of cancer , blood cholesterol levels , prevent aging , and coronary heart disease .
Contained theaflavins in black tea which is an antioxidant , anti- cancer , anti- mutagenic , anti anti diabetic and other diseases .

Research in the Netherlands said the habit of drinking black tea can prevent cholesterol buildup in the arteries , especially in women .
Drink 1-2 cups can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol up to 46 % , and 4 cups of reaching 69 % .
Being in America , drinking black tea reduces 40 % of heart attacks .

In the case of the diabetic disease , black tea into a kind of natural food sources have been shown to improve insulin activity contained in black tea surpass green tea and oolong .

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