9 Tips Healing Heartburn

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You are exposed to the heat in? It is heat cured in 10 tips that you can practice at home. guaranteed.

Heat In (Misnomer) a heat condition that attacks the esophagus which causes pain, chapped lips, red eyes, fever, until the bitter tongue.

The cause of the heat in itself is generally due to eating too fast, eating too much meat, chocolate, onions, coffee, alcoholic beverages and may also have the habit of smoking.

The easiest way of Healing Heartburn is to avoid triggers. Because it is. You can try some of the following tips

1. Maintain weight.
The body is too fat or in women who are pregnant, upper stomach pushes upward through the diaphragm.

2. Less meat.

3. Drink a glass of milk.
This method may help avoid the heat more effectively. Milk acts as a protective agent, but the milk is not as effective as power effective than antacids which are substances that help neutralize the acidity in the stomach.

4. To protect you in neutralizing stomach acid, take 1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid anti-absorption antacids such as magnesium hydroxide every 1 to 2 hours.

5. Notice mealtimes
This applies especially for those who have impaired gastric acid. Late eating can cause irritation of the stomach or acid reflux up to the chest area. This causes many people to feel exposed to the heat inside.

6. Do not eat food that is too hot or cold
Foods that are too hot or cold can irritate the digestive system. The human digestive system is working at a certain temperature threshold. Excessive heat can interfere with food mucus layer lining the digestive tract. The food that is too cold will also make the digestive system, making it difficult to shrink the digestive process.

7. Keep your diet
Hot and fried foods often cause injury or irritation of the throat. The inflammation will lead to the emergence of symptoms of heartburn. Too much oil in the diet is also not good for digestion and throat.

8. Regularly doing  exercise
Heartburn symptoms can arise due to fatigue. With exercise, the condition of the body can be trained and better awake. Endurance or stamina will increase so it is not easily affected by heat in the body when conditions are too tired.

9. Reduce stress
Today many people are complaining in the heat affected due to stress. Stress can lower the immune system, eating and also interferes with the body’s hormonal clock.

Good luck

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