5 Food for Better Sleep

sleeping-well 5 Food for Better Sleep

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Sleeping is a natural state of rest and essential to health. When sleeping, we can relax and feel more refreshed when you wake up. In normal adult daily need to sleep for 8 hours.

But sometimes not everyone can fall asleep easily and get a good night’s sleep for 8 hours due to various reasons such as busy work, too tired, illness, and so on.

One way to be able to sleep well is to eat the right foods. Here are 5 kinds of foods or snacks that can be made (quality) so you sleep more soundly.

1. Soft Cheese (Cottage Cheese)
One way to get better sleep is to consume half to 1 cup of cottage cheese (cottage cheese) before bed.

Soft cheese is a perfect source of protein before bed because it contains casein proteins (substances in cheese) are slow to digest which will distribute amino acids to muscle tissue during the next few hours.

In addition, this soft cheese contains tryptophan amino acid that is naturally meyokong sleep on your body and helps break at night. Pair a soft cheese with a tablespoon of natural almond butter to make a break with a satisfying body.
2. Oatmeal
In addition to the breakfast, oatmeat it also can be eaten at night. Why? Due to the fact that carbohydrates cause the release of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a hormone ‘feel good’ that reduce stress and make the mind become calmer.

Oatmeal is also a carbohydrate that is digested slowly so you do not have to worry about waking up with blood sugar levels of a large-scale. Eating well and add half the apples in oatmeal, along with a little cinnamon. Serve with a little (one splash / spray) skim milk, if desired.

3. Peanuts or Natural Peanut Butter (Peanut Butter)
Food is suitable for people who have trouble sleeping (in the process of wanting to sleep).
Groundnut (peanut) are a rich source of niacin, which is another nutrient that helps increase the release of serotonin in the body system.

Both peanuts and peanut butter-containing calories and higher fat. So consumption is just enough in the size of your portions. However, if the jam nut and eaten in moderation, they must be the perfect addition for those who are planning a diet.

If you want to get better results and the best, try to eat whole grain toast smeared with peanut butter.

4. Milk Warm
Drink one cup before bed can make sleeping so much faster. The reason does milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, and for most people the warm liquid soothing effect and will have a profound effect-it relaxes me.

Milk also mengangung enough calcium that works in the brain to help regulate the production of melatonin, which is a substance that is naturally going to control the sleep-wake cycle.

Add one tablespoon of honey, if you like, and also a little bit further carbohydrates will cause the release of serotonin.
5. Fruit Wine
Finally, the last meal that could be considered to help promote a restful night’s sleep is grapes.

Grapes are the only fruit found containing the hormone melatonin which regulates sleep, so by adding the wine in your diet, you can help improve sleep cycle – wake up naturally in the body. And this will make you able to get to sleep faster every night.

Enter the wine into a bowl of yogurt to add calcium as a perfect snack before bed.

If you want to get better and sleep soundly, as much as possible consume only one kind of snack containing carbohydrates and foods containing tryptophan or calcium.

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