10 Tips on Getting Rid of Snoring

tip-sembuhkan-dengkuran 10 Tips on Getting Rid of Snoring

Tip on reducing snoring

Snoring during sleep is disturbing couples and families, or anyone else who lives with you. Sound is sometimes too loud snoring could even endanger the people who are around you.
Snoring occurs due to narrowing of the airways when you sleep where if the channel through which the air then there will be sound. Snoring can be a dangerous thing when it supplies oxygen to the body disrupted due to narrowing of the airways.

In addition to narrowing of the airways, snoring occurs as a result of the following points.

- Weakening of throat muscles and tongue muscles
- Tonsils are too big
- Respiratory muscles slacken during sleep,
- Tongue falls back due to the supine sleeping position
- A lump in the throat due to obesity or certain diseases
Then, how to cure snoring?

1. Shut down your cigarette.
Cigarette smoke makes the tissues, both in the throat and nose become irritated, swollen and obstructs airflow.

2. Pare and bugarkan body.
Although thin people can also snore, snore are three times more often experienced by those who are obese.

3. Do not eat too much.
Do not eat too much during the three hours before bedtime, avoid also snack when you awake in the middle of the night. That’s because the digestive process makes muscles everywhere-including in your throat becomes relaxed and limp.

4. Clean your nostrils.
If your nose feels stuffy, consider efforts to clean it with a nasal spray that is sold freely in pharmacies.

5., But be careful.
Overuse can harm you, even make your nose getting clogged. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. Which continuously clogged nose should be sent to the ENT doctor.
6. Avoid alcohol.
Avoid drinking alcohol four hours before bedtime. Alcohol causes the muscles in the airways become too relaxed. Similarly, tranquilizers or sleeping pills.

7. Do not sleep on their backs.
Lying on your side may be able to prevent the tongue and the flesh that hangs from the roof of the mouth falls close the airway. One way that works so that you do not sleep on your back is put a pocket on the back of your pajamas and then inserting a tennis ball into it. The ball will make you uncomfortable when going to sleep on their backs so without consciously choosing to sleep sideways.

8. Raise your head and shoulder position.
Sleeping on the top is higher than the bottom can help prevent snoring because in this position the tongue will not “collapse” close the airway. However, do not prop your head with a pillow pile-it will only make you sore throat and make you bent, so the situation worsen. Instead, put a brick under the foot of the bed next to the top in order to position rose approximately 10 to 13 cm.

9. Try wearing a neck brace.
Retention tool that is often used when a person suffering from a neck injury (whiplash collar) may make you seem strange to your sleeping partner, but this tool makes your chin lifted so that your neck is not sore throat remains open while. So that you do not have a stiff neck in the morning to use the tool holder made of foam instead of plastic. Whiplash collar of foam was
soft and do not make your neck too interested. But if you feel stiff when I wake up, gently stretch the muscles of your neck, massage gently, then wash with warm water.

10. Wearing retaining tongue.
Many sleep disorders clinic provides the tools that make the tongue retaining tongue forward and you keep your mouth closed while you sleep. Orthodontists can also create a tool with a similar effect to hold your jaw at night.

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